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Folk Art Catalogue contains presentations of artists, groups, festivals and organizations, whose activity is connected to dances, music, songs and traditions of Balkan peoples.

Свиленица от софийско - BF 521604

To add you or your folk group (ensemble), folk orchestra, folk shoir send us information and photos.

Dance groups and clubs for Bulgarian folk dances
Ateliers for folklore costumes (1)
Singers - folk songs (6)
Мusicians (6)
Choreographers (41)
Composers (1)
Folklorists (4)
Singing Groups for traditional songs (3)
Children's Singing Groups (0)
Choirs (4)
Orchestras (0)
Professional Ensembles (9)
Dance Groups and Ensembles (197)
Children's Dance Groups (18)
Dance Clubs (38)
Community Centers (14)
Folklore Fairs (1)
Organizations (12)
Newspapers and Magazines (2)
Folklore Festivals (21)
Music Companies (2)
National Festivals for Dance Clubs (11)
TV Shows (1)
Ethnographic museums and collections (1)
Other (47)
Shows and concerts (1)

Bulgarian choreographers: Metodi Kutev, Dimitar Doychinov, Georgi Abrashev, Atanas Atanasov, Kiril Dzhenev, Mario Egov, Emil Genov,

Last folklore site included in ArtBF.com is: Bulgarian Folk Costumes (narodni nosii) narodni-nosii.artbf.com

The newest category added in the catalog is "Community Centers"
Festival of folk costume Zheravna
Folk Dance Groups and Ensembles - National Folklore Ensemble Philip Koutev - Sofia, Student's Folklore ensemble Zornitsa, Balkan Folklore Ensemble, Dance Ensemble Veselie

Music Companies