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Bulgarian folk costumes - producer (1)
Singers - folk songs (7)
Мusicians (6)
Choreographers (50)
Composers (2)
Folklorists (4)
Singing Groups for traditional songs (3)
Children's Singing Groups (0)
Choirs (4)
Orchestras (0)
Professional Ensembles (9)
Dance Groups and Ensembles (198)
Children's Dance Groups (18)
Dance Clubs (39)
Community Centers (14)
Folklore Fairs (1)
Organizations (13)
Newspapers and Magazines (2)
Folklore Festivals (23)
Music Companies (2)
National Festivals for Dance Clubs (11)
TV Shows (1)
Ethnographic museums and collections (1)
Other (48)
Shows and concerts (1)
Community Centers
Community Center "Hristo Botev 1929" chit-hr-botev-1929.artbf.com
Community Center "Jordan Dragnev" chitalishte-jordan-dragnev.artbf.com
Community Center "Napredak 1895" Radomir, Bulgaria napredak_radomir.artbf.com
Community Center "Prosveta-1946" Dolno Ozirovo, Bulgaria prosveta_1946.artbf.com
Community Center "Rodopska Presveta", Devin rodopskaprosveta.artbf.com
Community Center "Svetlina", Sofia - Bulgaria svetlina-slatina.artbf.com
Cultural Center "Prosveta" Lozen prosveta-lozen.artbf.com
Cultural Center "Saglasie - Debelets" Debelets chitalishte-saglasie-debelets.artbf.com
Cultural Club "Svetlina"
Seliminovo, Bulgaria shitalishte-svetlina-seliminovo.artbf.com
Culture Club "St. Cyril and St. Methodius 1966 Silistra" kirilimetodii1966.artbf.com